Celebrating a Milestone…

Today, one month away from my six-month anniversary, I want to reflect on what blogging has meant to me.  So much of what I have accomplished thus far has not been blogged about,… Continue reading

Life is my muse…

…and spontaneity is the word of the day.

Eyes On the Prize

Studying for my “Site Planning and Design” test is harder than I thought it would be. In reality, it is not the material but it is me.  There are so many things that… Continue reading


Discerning the real from the unreal… Sometimes you have to peel off the layers of your life to find the real YOU. Would you like what you’d see if you did?

Line Study Collaboration With Anabel G. Cammarano

These pictures were taken this morning before our “Delray Beach Project” meeting which is being done in collaboration with Mrs. Anabel G. Cammarano.  Anabel is a fellow architect/designer who studied art at the School… Continue reading

Color Line Study 2

Color Line Study

The Millennial Generation

The millennial generation is mostly in college right now, just finishing or about to enter college and they are already shaping the way we design and see the world.  For example, studies have… Continue reading

Work In Progress…

This is the top left corner of the piece I am currently working on. It will go to a special couple living in the New York/New Jersey area.  They just got a new… Continue reading

Delray Beach: Where The Creative Class Meets