Geography And Memory: Perspective

An alleyway To some… But to others Living in some Far away land Where my memories Often linger, A two-way street.  


Escape… Boredom is lethal. 4/12/2017

A Moment in Time (Snapshot of a Memory)

  Stepping into that space, I heard the doorbell ring, And memories of that song Blast into my world, Turning the mundane Into something magical. This is what great art does, It lingers… Continue reading

Childhood Memories

Originally posted on beyond art and architecture:
Between pine trees And wild flowers, Small churches And bells Ringing in the distance… Between shaved ice, And pistachios On school days, Books, games, and laughter…

I am an urban explorer

Don’t presume to know who I am, I am from everywhere and nowhere. I am an urban explorer… I know the city, Its history, its layers, Its invisible lines. I follow pathways and… Continue reading

Alleyways in Delay Beach

A place where unconscious memories of our past, interface with the visual narrative of our present…

That twinkle in your eyes

That twinkle in your eyes, That smile on your face… Can he see what I see? Can he hear your heart pounding A Thousand times over? That twinkle in your eyes, That smile… Continue reading



Finally embracing that word And what it really means: A collage of different realities. A plurality of experiences, Of belonging here and elsewhere… A mixing of languages, Of cultures, An abstraction of the… Continue reading

Window to a job site

Window to a job site: Some architect somewhere is having sleepless nights. #ConstructionSite #FortLauderdale #Architecture #Construction A post shared by Dominique Denis (@denisdesign09) on Nov 1, 2016 at 3:56pm PDT