It’s been a while…

Dear followers and visitors, it’s been a while since I posted on this site but rest assured that I did not forget about you. I will start reblogging soon. My first blog will… Continue reading

Endless Possibilities

Maybe some of us will collaborate with each other in the future.  Endless possibilities… #CKLDP #AIAMiami

2 ans…

Doodling session with the twins. They had fun, that’s for sure. #ProudAuntie

Be the echo to their silence

“Children with strong and bold ideas command respect and their ideas acknowledged; but those with sensitive and gentler souls can often be overlooked and their creative voices silenced… When collaborating with children, be the shadow… Continue reading

The fun is in the journey…

I am happy to inform you that I will be one of the 16 participants competitively selected to attend the one year Christopher Kelley Leadership Program (CKLP) organized by AIA Miami. When asked to submit a project that I worked… Continue reading

In Sync.

Originally posted on beyond art and architecture:
Ink on paper. A collaboration with my very talented niece.  Hard to believe that two people drew this. The entire piece is 12″ wide by 8′…

Geography And Memory: Perspective

An alleyway To some… But to others Living in some Far away land Where my memories Often linger, A two-way street.  


Escape… Boredom is lethal. 4/12/2017

A Moment in Time (Snapshot of a Memory)

  Stepping into that space, I heard the doorbell ring, And memories of that song Blast into my world, Turning the mundane Into something magical. This is what great art does, It lingers… Continue reading

Childhood Memories

Originally posted on beyond art and architecture:
Between pine trees And wild flowers, Small churches And bells Ringing in the distance… Between shaved ice, And pistachios On school days, Books, games, and laughter…