Window to a job site

Window to a job site: Some architect somewhere is having sleepless nights. #ConstructionSite #FortLauderdale #Architecture #Construction A post shared by Dominique Denis (@denisdesign09) on Nov 1, 2016 at 3:56pm PDT

Geography and Memory

“Between pine trees And wild flowers, Small churches And bells ringing in the distance… Between shaved ice and pistachios, Bicycles, cows, horses and dogs On our way to the city, There was order,… Continue reading

Childhood Memories

Between pine trees And wild flowers, Small churches And bells Ringing in the distance… Between shaved ice, And pistachios On school days, Books, games, and laughter On weekends, There were three little faces… Continue reading

Basquiat at the PAMM Museum, Miami

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From Chaos to Order

“Going back to the city where I grew up, helped me understand that chaos in itself helps define what is perceived as order, and  understanding the seemingly chaotic environment of the place I grew… Continue reading

That Sense of Wonder

“I have learned from my childhood that the journey is as important as the destination. When designing, I always try to recreate that excitement that I felt looking out from my father’s car windows during… Continue reading


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