Where creativity lies…

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Off the grid, At the edge of society… What makes you odd, Could be what makes you great. Embrace who you are, Embrace your creativity. ?

Impromptu Exhibit

Tell me…

 There are so many interesting things happening with this painting, just because I am letting it tell me what it wants to be. #Session3


Just an afterthought

I had signed-up for a ‘Healing through Art” workshop last Saturday; myself and few other people. We only had an hour and half to create something, anything. The goal was for us to… Continue reading

Healing Through Art

What I have learned from this painting (Story coming soon).

young, beautiful and in love

All eyes were on them. Men and women alike, With that look of envy… The anticipation of love Is so attractive… They were young, Beautiful, And in love.

Dream, Reality & Compromise

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So far, our blog has been viewed by people from 79 countries. Find your country on the map, or help us add it to the map by visiting us more than once. Thanks for visiting us,… Continue reading

Work In Progress