This is currently happening on my dining room table. It is what I call “manual modeling “.  It is about creating spaces by playing with the concepts of juxtaposition and 3-dimensional abstraction. As I… Continue reading

Dream World



Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Yesterday Today And Tomorrow.

A few more snapshots

A few snapshots from today’s session. The fifth snapshot is partially from my collaboration with Sara Denis Senat.

Something New

Creating Spaces, A Study.

That lost moment of salutations

Originally posted on Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything:
million miles away in thoughts random in tandem with fairies ignoring who is just waiting for a solitary moment salutations, recognition, heart to…

Happy New Year to All!

Stay creative…    

Where creativity lies…

Off the grid, At the edge of society… What makes you odd, Could be what makes you great. Embrace who you are, Embrace your creativity.