Dominique _2Ms. Denis takes an interdisciplinary approach to design, using art, poetry and urban exploration as a mean of self expression.

This blog, Beyond Art and Architecture is a journey of self-discovery where she explores the world of art, architecture and urban planning in search of a better way to express her creativity.

Architectural Study: As an independent design professional,  she is conducting design studies exploring the role played by the intersection of geography, memory and culture as it relates to the architect’s design approach and aesthetic sensibility. Findings from these studies will provide a framework for future design experimentations, challenging existing design typologies and prototypes, often rooted in history and cultural affiliations.

Education: Bachelor of Architecture from the City College of the City University of New York (CUNY), and Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

“Welcome to my blog and stay for the journey.”  Dominique Denis