The fun is in the journey…

Denis_JMWA_Villages at Delray.jpgI am happy to inform you that I will be one of the 16 participants competitively selected to attend the one year Christopher Kelley Leadership Program (CKLP) organized by AIA Miami.

When asked to submit a project that I worked on that either won an award or was impactful to the surrounding community, I chose to submit Villages at Delray. This project was one the last ones I worked on before the big crash of 2008.  I was then working for JMWA, an architecture firm in Boca Raton, Florida.  It might not be the most interesting project I worked on, but it was the most impactful one. I visited the community a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing to see how the area has changed, for the better, since the completion of this project.

I will occasionally blog about what I am learning with CKLP and how this coming year will influence the type of projects I undertake in the future.

Stay with us! … and remember that the fun is in the journey.