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Endless Possibilities

Maybe some of us will collaborate with each other in the future.  Endless possibilities… #CKLDP #AIAMiami

The fun is in the journey…

I am happy to inform you that I will be one of the 16 participants competitively selected to attend the one year Christopher Kelley Leadership Program (CKLP) organized by AIA Miami. When asked to submit a project that I worked… Continue reading


Escape… Boredom is lethal. 4/12/2017

A story will unfold…

I took dozens of pictures on my last trip to New York. I don’t think any one of them was taken randomly. Some of them were taken with a smile because they reminded me… Continue reading


I am taking a week off from everything. This is not another one of my experiments; and no, I am not going on a vacation. I will still go to work but besides that,… Continue reading

Quick Study…

Line Study Collaboration With Anabel G. Cammarano

These pictures were taken this morning before our “Delray Beach Project” meeting which is being done in collaboration with Mrs. Anabel G. Cammarano.  Anabel is a fellow architect/designer who studied art at the School… Continue reading

Reflections: What’s on my easel as the year ends

I started these two paintings a couple of years ago. And for the past two years, they laid there on my walls, unfinished, as a reminder that my muse had either left me… Continue reading

Architecture Licensing Journey

I am finally taking the long journey towards architecture licensing.  I don’t know why it took me so long to sit for the ARE exam.  I guess I have been partially disillusioned with… Continue reading