Architecture Licensing Journey

picture_3I am finally taking the long journey towards architecture licensing.  I don’t know why it took me so long to sit for the ARE exam.  I guess I have been partially disillusioned with the architecture profession and have always wanted to find a way out.  But lately, while exploring my creativity, I discovered that getting licensed is the only way for me to realized some of these ideas that are popping in my head.

Last Saturday, I finally sat for my first exam.  If you have studied architecture and think that you don’t care about getting licensed, wait until you see the first PASS next to your name and you will understand that you can no longer go back, you have to press forward.

As I move forward with this journey, I will occasionally blog about the actual process of studying and taking the exam.  It is more exhilarating than I thought it would be and it is worth talking about.  See you soon!