Line Study Collaboration With Anabel G. Cammarano

These pictures were taken this morning before our “Delray Beach Project” meeting which is being done in collaboration with Mrs. Anabel G. Cammarano.  Anabel is a fellow architect/designer who studied art at the School of Fine Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay and received a Bachelor of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University.  We were meeting at her house and before starting the meeting, we decided to do a little exercise in relaxation taken from my Creativity Workshops.

This exercise helps you relax in order to successfully tap into your creative energies.  It is recommended before any creative endeavor as well as brainstorming session.  Surprisingly enough, once we moved into the living room for some tea, I realized that patterns found in our line study drawings were everywhere in the house, from silverware design to wood grains in the coffee table. This is pretty amazing considering that we worked in synergy on this piece.