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Endless Possibilities

Maybe some of us will collaborate with each other in the future.  Endless possibilities… #CKLDP #AIAMiami

I am an urban explorer

Don’t presume to know who I am, I am from everywhere and nowhere. I am an urban explorer… I know the city, Its history, its layers, Its invisible lines. I follow pathways and… Continue reading

Basquiat at the PAMM Museum, Miami

More pictures to come soon.

Untitled 2

A moment in time

Come into the light. Away from the shadows, Away from darkness and sorrows. Come into the light. Just a moment in time, Can forever set you free.


Posting some oldies because I need to focus on my next ARE exam.



Abstraction and Deconstruction

This past year has been a study in abstraction and an exercise in deconstruction. The drawing to the left is the first one I did when I started this blog. The first half was my first doodle… Continue reading

Burning Hearts