Celebrating a Milestone…


Picture Collage: I was very inspired by the work of Pablo Pasgado – A fellow architect (Perez Art Museum Miami)

Today, one month away from my six-month anniversary, I want to reflect on what blogging has meant to me.  So much of what I have accomplished thus far has not been blogged about, but it has been inspired by this journey of self discovery that I am currently on.

Reflecting on this journey will give me the opportunity to wrap-up any loose ends I might have, discover what I have accomplished thus far and decide where I want to be at my one-year anniversary.

Collage_Museum Visit

Evolution: Photo Montage of some of my work done during the past 5 months

So far, I was able to:

1. Leverage my skills to get the job that I wanted. 

2. Increase my Social and Creative Capital.

3. Start Collaborating with other creative people.

4. Discover and promote my own brand.

Each week for the next two months I will elaborate on each one  of these topics to discover why blogging about my goals was such a better and more successful experience than making that proverbial “to do list”.

Thanks for being part of my journey!