Launching of the “My City My Love Project”

2572_55388817807_4669887_nThe “My City My Love Project” is a people participatory project where people across Haiti (to start with) get to introduce their cities to each other and to the world via twitter.

How do you participate?

Tweet/share a picture of yourself in front of what you consider to be a landmark in your city.  Write the name of the city,country  #MyCityMyLoveProject.  Example: Port-au-Prince, Haiti  #MyCityMyLoveProject . You can also be more specific and add the name of the neighborhood like Bois Verna, Haiti etc.

What is a landmark?

For this project, we will adopt a broader definition of the word.  It can be just about anything like a house, a sculpture, a park, a famous street corner where you and your friends like to hang out, a mural etc.  Something that has an architectural or cultural significance to you and/or to the people living in your city. In the picture above, I am standing in front of a famous gingerbread house in the neighborhood of Bois Verna, in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

We are trying to disseminate a positive image of Haiti.  A potential tourist traveling to your city should want to find that landmark and take a picture in front of it.

Let’s get started!