Dining Alone – (Re-thinking how I felt last night)

beyond art and architecture

I often dine out alone, especially when I am exploring my surroundings. But Friday night, something happened to me that really made me re-think all the changes currently happening in my city; where the visitors outnumber the locals most nights in the downtown area.  I tried to have a quick meal at a restaurant, and when I asked to be seated, I was told that there was no table available but that I could sit at the bar if I wanted to. There was basically no room at the bar and the manager had to either allow me to sit at the table for four, right in front of me or ask me to leave.

A the end of the exchange, someone who said that he was the manager made it pretty clear to me that he was making a business decision by asking me to leave. This was a Friday night, the restaurant’s busiest night, he was not about to let me sit at a table for four. …

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