Blurring the Lines Between Art and Architecture…

beyond art and architecture

Model Narrative Museum – The African Experience in the Americas – Thesis Project (2000-2002)

This morning I had the impulse to do something that  I know I would eventually do one day: revisit my thesis project.  I will eventually rewrite the entire narrative of this project and how the concept behind it was developed, but for now, I just want to concentrate on two things; two comments completely unrelated, so I though,  made by my professor at the time and one of the critiques at my final presentation.

Four years after getting my Bachelor of Science in Architecture, and working for a couple of architecture firms, I went back to school to get my professional degree. I went back because I knew that one day I would want to get licensed and I would not be able to do so without having done my thesis year.  I completed it in two…

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