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More from the “Birth” Series



http://arcthemagazine.com/arc/2014/09/retrospective-of-200-years-of-haitian-art-at-the-grand-palais-galerie-nationale-in-paris/ If you are in Paris or nearby, check it out. This should be a great exhibit.

The Storm


Soul Searching…

When you see me, remember that I come from a land of artists and poets…

Reflections: What’s on my easel as the year ends

I started these two paintings a couple of years ago. And for the past two years, they laid there on my walls, unfinished, as a reminder that my muse had either left me… Continue reading

A House With a Story to Tell

I took these pictures more than 10 years ago during one of my trips to Haiti.  As soon as I got there, I went looking for the gingerbread houses of Port-au-Prince.  I knew that… Continue reading

Launching of the “My City My Love Project”

The “My City My Love Project” is a people participatory project where people across Haiti (to start with) get to introduce their cities to each other and to the world via twitter. How… Continue reading