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Geography And Memory: Perspective

An alleyway To some… But to others Living in some Far away land Where my memories Often linger, A two-way street.  

I am an urban explorer

Don’t presume to know who I am, I am from everywhere and nowhere. I am an urban explorer… I know the city, Its history, its layers, Its invisible lines. I follow pathways and… Continue reading

Lost in the Wilderness

Lost in the wilderness…

Tell me…

 There are so many interesting things happening with this painting, just because I am letting it tell me what it wants to be. #Session3

Find your country on the map

So far, our blog has been viewed by people from 79 countries. Find your country on the map, or help us add it to the map by visiting us more than once. Thanks for visiting us,… Continue reading


A moment in time

Come into the light. Away from the shadows, Away from darkness and sorrows. Come into the light. Just a moment in time, Can forever set you free.


From the “Heart Series”


http://arcthemagazine.com/arc/2014/09/retrospective-of-200-years-of-haitian-art-at-the-grand-palais-galerie-nationale-in-paris/ If you are in Paris or nearby, check it out. This should be a great exhibit.

Dream, Reality & Compromise