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Creative People Living In A Creative Town

We are currently working on three projects in and about the city of Delray Beach. But our Delray Beach Creativity Project is by far the biggest one. Our first stage of this project was… Continue reading

… That American Dream.

There is a coffee shop across the street from my community and for the past few months I have been going there, late in the afternoon, to work on my numerous projects.  I go there… Continue reading

Reflections: What’s on my easel as the year ends

I started these two paintings a couple of years ago. And for the past two years, they laid there on my walls, unfinished, as a reminder that my muse had either left me… Continue reading

Studio 204

What happens when three generations of aspiring artists live in the same house?  So far, my mom is the most prolific one. Stay tuned, there is more to come!

Long Format Study

We will be using the long format for a few weeks. So far, we have created some vocabulary words, expressed our feelings through, line study, colors, patterns  and composition.  The next step will… Continue reading

Missing Link


Abstraction Study: Line Study . Evolution

My line studies seems to be evolving into something new. My drawings are finally trying to tell me what they want to be.  Interesting!

Abstraction Study #4

Abstraction Study #3

Launching of the “My City My Love Project”

The “My City My Love Project” is a people participatory project where people across Haiti (to start with) get to introduce their cities to each other and to the world via twitter. How… Continue reading