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Celebrating a Milestone…

Today, one month away from my six-month anniversary, I want to reflect on what blogging has meant to me.  So much of what I have accomplished thus far has not been blogged about,… Continue reading

Life is my muse…

…and spontaneity is the word of the day.


Discerning the real from the unreal… Sometimes you have to peel off the layers of your life to find the real YOU. Would you like what you’d see if you did?

Color Line Study 2

Long Format Study

We will be using the long format for a few weeks. So far, we have created some vocabulary words, expressed our feelings through, line study, colors, patterns  and composition.  The next step will… Continue reading

Missing Link


Abstraction Study: Line Study . Evolution

My line studies seems to be evolving into something new. My drawings are finally trying to tell me what they want to be.  Interesting!

Abstraction Study #3