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Basquiat & Warhol Collaboration

Art Basel Miami 2014 Untitled (50-Dentures) 1984-85 Acrylic silkscreen on canvas

Ink on my wall

Ink on the wall, Ink on my wall, Bold and refined, Twirling and twirling… Silent and Poised, Spark of genius, Or spark of madness, I see the light.    


Originally posted on beyond art and architecture: If you are in Paris or nearby, check it out. This should be a great exhibit.

Exhibition If you are in Paris or nearby, check it out. This should be a great exhibit.

Traveler’s Note

“There are places, in this world, that speak to you like old friends do. Places, with that air of déjà vu, where you instantly feel at home… Those are the places where I want… Continue reading

Harlem in my mind…

Some places have a soul, Harlem is definitely one of them.

Happy Anniversary!

As we celebrate our first year anniversary, we are pleased to inform you that, “Table For One”, our first interdisciplinary collaboration, is already taking shape. On this project, we will be collaborating with a restaurant specialist, an interior designer with… Continue reading

Urban Acupuncture by Jaime Lerner

It was such an honor meeting Jaime Lerner today. Renowned architect and urban planner, three times mayor of Curitiba, Brazil and governor of the state of Parana.  A true visionary. I also got a… Continue reading

Dining Alone – (Re-thinking how I felt last night)

Originally posted on beyond art and architecture:
I often dine out alone, especially when I am exploring my surroundings. But Friday night, something happened to me that really made me re-think all the changes currently happening in my city; where…

Table for One – Looking For Collaborations

“Table For One” is a project that will study the restaurant business from the perspective of people who often or occasionally dine alone. We believe that the right restaurant design and table layout can help create a nicer environment… Continue reading