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Lost in the Wilderness

Lost in the wilderness…

Showing Support

Yesterday, we made our first trip to Fort Pierce, Florida to support our friend and collaborator Marlene Brunot, whose GIS map is showcased in an exhibit curated by the Fort Pierce Historical Society.   I met Marlene approximately 10 years… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary!

As we celebrate our first year anniversary, we are pleased to inform you that, “Table For One”, our first interdisciplinary collaboration, is already taking shape. On this project, we will be collaborating with a restaurant specialist, an interior designer with… Continue reading

In Sync.

A collaboration with my very talented niece.  Hard to believe that two people drew this. The entire piece is 12″ wide by 8′ long.



Discerning the real from the unreal… Sometimes you have to peel off the layers of your life to find the real YOU. Would you like what you’d see if you did?